For the surgeons of Napa Valley Plastic Surgery these are very common operations and procedures. They are safe, the recoveries are fairly quick, and patients are happy. We do call them elective operations or procedures, which means you the patient makes the choice. To make a decision ones needs information. This is what we will give you during the initial consultation. To help make a decision patients are encouraged to call back with questions or return to see the doctor in person. We do not charge for repeat visits. Though we usually charge for the initial consultation, this cost is deducted from the surgical fee when patients schedule surgery. Prior to surgery we see patients for a pre-operative visit where the doctors will review the operation in detail and our staff will go over specific pre-surgical instructions.

In addition to explaining the procedures your doctor will stress the three very important principles we follow:

  •  One – The operations must be absolutely safe. After all these are elective cosmetic procedures. The operations are indeed extremely safe. We are working on the “outside” of the body away from vital organs and important blood vessels. Most operations are done under sedation and local anesthesia. General anesthesia when used is very safe and well tolerated.
  •  Two – with any operation there is a potential for a complication. We choose operations that have very low complications rates, and work diligently to prevent problems. Knowing complications could arise in even the best setting with a skilled surgeon we want to ensure that the potential complications are treatable. Should a complication arise we do everything we can to correct it without charge to the patient.
  •  Three – We insist that our patients look completely natural after surgery. The unnatural “operated upon” look that one sees in many patients including some prominent celebrities is considered bad surgery. (Celebrities are notorious for being victims of bad surgeons.)

To accommodate your needs we operate every day of the week both mornings and afternoons. The doctors are available “24/7” after surgery to answer questions and see patients if needed. Follow up visits can be scheduled for any day of the week including weekends for patients’ convenience. Our operating team of registered nurses and surgical technicians is well trained and experienced. For general anesthesia cases we chose your anesthesiologist from a panel of highly skilled board certified anesthesiologists who are well respected in the medical community. The surgical facility and the equipment we use is modern and “state of the art.”

Click below to learn more about some of the more common procedures performed by Dr. Street.  We do provide the full scope of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, so if you have questions about if we can help you, please contact us or  schedule a consultation.  More photos are available in person.

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