Welcome Patients and Thank you for using our patient portal!
The link below will take you to the login page for MyPatientVisit. If you are a new user and have not yet created an account please select the option at the bottom of the initial login screen to  “Create One Here”. You will then be guided through creating a login for our site. You will need to enter your email address (same as what you gave to the office when making your appointment), First Name, Last Name (same as name on insurance card) and Date of Birth. You will be sent a confirmation email as well as an email with your Safe Health Code. Once both of these have been completed you will see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.
On the dashboard for MyPatientVisit, you will have options at the top for myInfo which will allow you to update your demographics and insurance, myVisits which will allow you to enter your medical history in forms or access a clinical summary from a previous visit, myMessages which will allow you to send a secure message to the office, and myAccount which will allow you to link other family member accounts together or link with another medical office using MyPatientVisit.

Please click here to get started.

Having Trouble?

Click below to download more detailed information on setting up your patient portal account. 

My Patient Visit – Email Registration

My Patient Visit – Username Registration