The breast changes over time, often becoming less firm and being pulled down by gravity. Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight changes and aging can accentuate the droopiness or “breast ptosis” as it’s medically termed. The Breast Lifting  procedure (also called Mastopexy), elevates the breasts giving women a more youthful shape. Breasts droop because there is too much skin for the given volume. The lifting is accomplished by removing extra skin which requires leaving scars. These scars are well hidden beneath clothing and swim wear. The fine line scars for this procedure are located around the areola and extended vertically towards the fold below the breasts.

This is a safe operation with a rapid recovery. It is done under general anesthesia. Breast Lifting is sometimes done in conjunction with Breast Augmentation to give a woman more fullness in the upper part of the breast and to increase size.  Also, augmentation alone can fill out the breast envelope and gently lift the breast.  This may be the solution for a small lift in women who desire larger breasts.

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